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Monday Jan 27, 2020 Category: Stagehost

What is FLOW exactly?

FLOW is an events brand started by Franky Rizardo & Jasper Fioole about 5 years ago. Besides having a passion for dance music, we are also inspired by the FLOW state of mind. This is the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity, which results in total enjoyment and transformation in one’s sense of time. 

We love to challenge ourselves to bring people into this state, by creating vibrant gatherings, connecting people and creating unique moments. 

We have lots of plans for the next years, we’re expanding the brand in multiple ways. This year will see events in new locations in Australia and Asia, expansion of our own FLOW Freedom Festival and we’ve also locked down one of a kind locations for intimate gatherings. On the musical side, our label LTF Records will see a big relaunch this year, with exciting new music from Franky himself!

Franky Rizardo • Extrema 2019

What do you like the most about hosting a stage at Extrema?

Extrema has been one of our favorite festivals for a long time now. You feel the love for dance music in the organization and the crowd, it always feels special. Extrema always go the extra mile in their stage settings, and we’re honored to be back for our 4th time!

What’s the most memorable moment so far?

We’ve had so many! From Patrick Topping playing his hit ‘Be Sharp Say Nowt’ at the end of the day sending the crowd in an absolute frenzy to &ME playing his warm melodic tunes during the sunset. Every year we have moments that stick with us. We also love it when the crowd creates the FLOW logo with their hands, we haven’t seen that anywhere else like that since.

Extrema 2019 • &ME

Since 2017 until 2018, we’ve seen impressive lineups at the FLOW stage. Patrick Topping, Claptone, wAFF, &ME, Emanuel Satie, Butch, Technasia, Alex Niggemann and off course head honchos Jasper Fioole and Franky Rizardo just to name a few. What can our loyal visitors expect for this year?

We are really excited about this years lineup, we believe it is our best to date. Call it a dream lineup and a synergy of artists we believe in. Not to be missed! Unfortunately, we can’t announce any names yet, but we’ve heard the full lineup’s going out on February 5th. The countdown has begun!