Wondering where to sleep?

Tuesday Dec 3, 2019 Category: Camping

We got several options if you decide to stay for the night. First of all, we have different types of tickets available now in the pre line-up ticket sale:

  • Holiday Ticket: grants access to the festival on each day, campsite and afterparties at the campsite on every day
  • Weekend Ticket: grants access to the festival on each day, no access to the campsite or afterparties!
  • Day Ticket: grants access to the day itself, not to the campsite or afterparties.


Extrema Village offers more than 300 accommodations, all 5-stars bungalows and villas.

There will be a free shuttle service to the festival area back and forth, included in the bungalow price. We offer 7 types of bungalows ranging from 4 to 10 persons. Your shuttle service from and to the festival, access to the after-parties at the festival (campsite), Wi-Fi, cleaning, 1 parking spot for a 4p-bungalow, 2 parking spots for all other bungalows, sheets, towels and a kitchen package are included in the price. If you like more comfort than staying at our campsite, this option will work out pretty well. The ride between Molenheide and the festival will take around 10 minutes.

A Weekend Ticket is the perfect option to combine with your stay at our bungalows as access to the afterparties at the campsite are included in your stay.

FESTITENT (click to book)

Want to sleep in a very spacious tent that is ready when you arrive? You can rent a ready-to-move-in FestiTent. There are several packages available with tents for up to 4 people. Choose your accessories like mattresses, pillows or chairs and you’re ready to go! Have an Easy & Relaxed camping experience without having to bring all of that camping gear. You’ll need to reserve your FestiTent separately from your Camping Ticket. Check the FestiTent website for more information.

Please note that a FestiTent is an additional item to your campsite access. You need a Holiday Ticket to combine your stay with a FestiTent.

DE BOSBERG (click to book)

De Bosberg is located at a stone’s throw from the festival (+- 8min walking). Offers delicious (late) breakfast, free Wi-Fi in the public spaces and free parking.

Can be combined with any ticket, but if you’d like to attend the daily afterparties at the campsite; you need Holiday (campsite) access.


We have a limited amount of places for visitors that want to stay with us with their camper or caravan. Please note that these tickets sell out very fast due to a very limited capacity.

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